What is the Difference Between Shiatsu & Massage?

From Zen Shiatsu – Evanston’s Massage Alternative

What is the difference between Shiatsu and a massage? First, let’s start with the similarities:

1. Shiatsu is very relaxing and helps manage and heal all the same ailments as a common massage.

Like massage, shiatsu feels great! It it used to help with pain, tension and injury relief. It is deeply relaxing. Our therapists are trained to find the most effective points for relaxation and pain relief, and to hold them in just the right way so that you can relax completely.

2. It can be modified to be as light or deep as is required for your specific needs.

Whether you prefer deep or light touch, shiatsu can be modified to match your exact needs.

If you prefer a light touch, we can use gentle holds that are relaxing without being over-stimulating.

If you prefer deep touch, shiatsu can go as deep as needed, without over-working. You can get all the satisfaction of deep touch without that sore feeling that comes from being over-worked.

1. You wear comfortable clothing while receiving a shiatsu treatment.

When receiving shiatsu, you remain clothed throughout the session in soft comfortable clothing. Your practitioner will give relaxing pressure to your muscles and points, and they will also move your body through some stretches that assist in the relaxation.

2. Shiatsu helps with internal health and chronic illness.

The other difference is that shiatsu helps with internal health issues as well. Shiatsu is used to help with internal health issues like problems with sleep, digestion and elimination. Our therapists have special training to help with complex chronic illnesses like chronic Lyme, long COVID, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and autoimmune disorders.

3. Shiatsu helps with emotional health.

Shiatsu also helps with emotional health, such as helping with anxiety or depression. We have posted a whole article on the applications of shiatsu to help with anxiety. Shiatsu can help you feel better and recover from the physical effects of stress.

4. Shiatsu therapists are holistic health coaches.

Another difference is that shiatsu therapists are trained in holistic health support. Our therapists can help you understand dietary, emotional, seasonal and environmental factors that might be affecting your health. With these understandings, you can experiment with changes you can make in your life to support your healing.

In summary, shiatsu feels good and relaxing, just like massage!

What’s different is that it incorporates movement and stretching for you, it can help with internal health and chronic illness, and it can help with emotional health. A shiatsu therapist can help you understand a range of things you can do for yourself, as well.

The easiest way to understand shiatsu is to see it in action, so we’ve created a video that shows you just how relaxing it is! If you like what you see, please reach out to our clinic to schedule an appointment, or to discuss your case.