Chandra Clark

Chandra Clark

Zen Shiatsu Chicago Massage Practitioners Chandra Clark REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT Chandra Clark With a background in yoga, shiatsu, health education, social/emotional wellness, Tarot, Divine Feminine archetypes, and an eclectic array of self-development techniques and practices, including writing and energy work, Chandra offers these synthesized processes for gaining deeper access to the Authentic Self on all […]

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Sue Vanags

Zen Shiatsu Chicago Massage Practitioners Sue Vanags REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT Sue Vanags As a qigong teacher, certified health coach, massage therapist, and shiatsu practitioner, Sue’s practice includes a variety of techniques including tuina and deep tissue. She holds a deep belief in the impact of healthy lifestyle changes and is the author of Young Mind,

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Christy Stallknecht

Zen Shiatsu Chicago Massage Practitioners Christy Stallknecht REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT Christy Stallknecht With a dance and massage therapy background, Christy has extensive experience working with athletic recovery and injuries, as well as relief from stress and anxiety, and prenatal clients. She finds giving and receiving Shiatsu to be an amazingly restorative experience, and may include

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Donna Harrar

Zen Shiatsu Chicago Massage Practitioners Donna Harrar REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT Donna Harrar Donna excels at creating a warm, safe environment for her clients, treating issues ranging from migraines to sleep disorders to PTSD. Her traditional shiatsu floor practice may also include aromatherapy and cupping upon request. She focuses on creating a personalized approach to each

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Misha Sol

Zen Shiatsu Chicago Massage Practitioners Misha Sol REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT Misha Sol A senior Shiatsu practitioner, licensed professional counselor, and craniosacral therapist, Misha offers an integrated therapeutic approach to treatment. In addition, Misha’s specialization also includes advanced work in visceral and neuromeningeal manipulation to treat organ dysfunction and neurological issues leading to musculoskeletal imbalances, plus

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Justin Zelinski

Zen Shiatsu Chicago Massage Practitioners Justin Zelinski REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT Justin Zelinski A long time practitioner of Aikido and Iaido, as well as a passionate student of the Traditional Chinese Medicine classical texts, Justin is a shiatsu purest, and has focused his education on deepening his shiatsu technique. He feels most excited about assisting clients

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Jan Yourist

Zen Shiatsu Chicago Massage Practitioners Jan Yourist REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT Jan Yourist As an artist, former school teacher, and avid gardener, Jan considers her Shiatsu practice another form of creative discovery, and helps empower her clients to understand that they themselves are healers. Her techniques utilize classic Shiatsu practice, grounded in deep listening, and include

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Joy Culver

Zen Shiatsu Chicago Massage Practitioners Joy Culver REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT Joy Culver Joy’s classical shiatsu floor practice incorporates her background in reiki and reflexology. Her specialities include children and infants, as well as chronic pain relief. She is passionate about helping clients cultivate more bliss in their busy lives, and more ease in their bodies.

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Jeanne Phenany

Zen Shiatsu Chicago Massage Practitioners Jeanne Phenany REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT Jeanne Phenany Jeanne offers table shiatsu treatments to assist clients in meeting their personal treatment goals. She specializes in pregnancy and fertility issues, and incorporates cupping and guasha into her modalities upon request.  Back To Practitioners List

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Christina Mihai

Zen Shiatsu Chicago Massage Practitioners Christina Mihai REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT Christina Mihai With a background in traditional massage, shiatsu, and Sotai structural rebalancing, Christina meets clients’ needs through a variety of techniques on the floor or table. Her specialities include chronic and acute injury recovery, trauma processing, and general health maintenance.  Back To Practitioners List

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